Your benefits at a glance

The practical automatic comfort seat, the comfortable electric adjustability and a quality mattress for relaxing sleep are only three of many benefits that make BonCasa an absolute comfort bed.

Simple height adjustment by pressing one button - Electronic height adjustment (36 - 80 cm), e.g. to pack a suitcase without having to bend down. - Get out of bed from a comfortable height. - Fold your laundry as if using a broad tall table. 

If you want to stay in familiar surroundings in case of need for long-term care you should start to inform yourself about possible measures to facilitate your everyday-life in due time. BonCasa provides optimal conditions for family members, nursing staff and care provider to meet the numerous challenges of home care. In case you might be in need of long term care at some point in the future you won't have to rely on a simple low-quality bed provided by your health insurance.

  • Easily adjustable to 4 different heights.
  • Support yourself comfortably when getting up. 
  • No longer any issues with cushions falling out of bed.
  • The comfort bed surface consists of four parts and is composed of many spring elements. Due to this flexibility it offers the patient even more space when the bed is adjusted.
  • Extra long back rest for resting the head at any time. 
  • The ergonomic design of the lying surface helps to prevent pressure ulcers. 

The BonCasa comfort bed is complemented by our accessories. Available items:

- A quality mattress, designed for optimal pressure distribution and 

- A bedside cabinet with a lot of storing room

- A tray trolley, perfect for reading or having breakfast in bed. 

  • Electronical adjustment of back, thigh and lower leg rests 
  • Adjust the back rest according to your individual comfort needs and enjoy a good book. 
  • Enjoy the comfort of having breakfast in bed.
  • Put up your feet after a long day. 
  • Communication at eye-level.

Technical features

High-quality materials and current colours take up the latest trends in natural interior design. This creates a warm, homely atmosphere where you will feel secure and cared for. More colours available on request.

The comfort bed surface with its 55 spring elements contributes to a high lying comfort. 

  • Divided side guards "SafeFree"
  • Can be adjusted to 4 different heights. 

Thanks to big castors that are furthermore covered in a cozy design, BonCasa can be moved easily.  

For reading and watching TV

For vein relief 

  • Safe working load: 225 kg
  • Outside dimensions: 208 x 119 cm
  • Weight: approx. 125 kg
high foot end

flat foot end

  • Quality mattress
  • Bedside Cabinet
  • Server

100 cm wide bed surface for extra comfort

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Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001