Technical features

Server 72,5-102,5 x 86,5 x 42 cm
Tray: 42 x 86,5 cm
Thanks to big double castors (⌀ 50mm) the bedside cabinet can be easily moved; 2 of the castors (diagonally opposed) have brakes.
The server can be rotated sideways and is height-adjustable from 72,5 - 102,5 cm.
Due to the permanently fixed tray the server's stability is above-average.
The u-shaped chassis makes it possible to store the server behind the bedside cabinet or bed, thus saving space.
The server can be operated with only one hand, for example while carrying a tray in the other hand. There is no need to put down the tray in between.
Thanks to an integrated pneumatic spring the server can be adjusted in height without much effort. 
Max. load capacity in the middle of the tray: 35 kg

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